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We are expanding our introducer and partner network across the UK. This is an excellent opportunity for you to assist your clients and contacts.

Providing you with the best commissions on the market and with payment on the day we get paid. No more waiting for 30+ days to receive your money.

If you are interested please contact Peter Bryant. Peter has considerable experience dealing with 3rd party introducers within the energy industry and you will be surprised as to how easy it all is.  

Please email him for details of our generous referral commission structures.

We provide two introducer agreements designed to match the requirements of you and your clients.


This is the simplest agreement and will provide you and your customers with a complete sales service.

This agreement is ideal for you, if:-

  • You have no experience in the energy industry, and have no wish to be involved. Or
  • If you do not have the time to introduce us directly.

You will share with us your membership or customer data and we will manage the entire sales process. From making the initial contact through to implementing all of the products or services as chosen by your client.

We will keep you informed of all enquires, sales and commission in an easy to read weekly and monthly report.

We will pay you a % of the total sale value, for the life of the customer. For a couple of hours work we can provide you with a healthy additional income for doing very little.


This agreement requires a little more commitment on your part, however, gives you more control.

As an introducer, you will be introducing the idea of using EMW services to your clients. When they are interested, we will visit them on a face to face basis, begin to produce an energy review for them and complete the sale.

As an introducer, you can decide which products and services to offer your clients or members.

We pay you a % of the total sale value, for the life of the customer.  Creating a business or secondary income for yourself without having to invest large sums of money and learn a new trade.

    We will do everything we can to make sure that you generate additional, regular income from your contacts, and help you make sure your clients benefit from better energy prices, energy savings, and carbon reduction.  Income over a 10 year period could well be into six figures depending on the size of your clients.      

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