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Overview – What you need to know

Research has shown that a staggering 35% of supplier invoices are incorrect. Due to other business priorities, these errors can go unnoticed leading to possibly significant under or over charging.

If it is identified you can find yourself going back and forth with your supplier seeking resolution, wasting valuable time and money not to mention the seer frustration.

At EMW one of our key members on the team has spent 6 years in management with an energy supplier. They know the questions to ask, and the expected answers. They know the process suppliers need to undertake to resolve the issue, their limitations, timescales and appropriate functions. This is appreciated by energy suppliers as it helps manage expectation all round.

It is this key Supplier Relationship management differential with EMW that makes the process with resolving issues on your account smoother and timely. Our collaboration with energy suppliers leads to driving value for all parties, resulting in lower costs, reduced risk, greater efficiency, better quality and access to innovative products.

Our supplier management services cover:

star.png     Dispute Resolution
star.png   Revenue Recovery
star.png   Invoice Validation
star.png   Debt Resolution
star.png   Account Management





While you concentrate on supporting your business, our team of experienced consultants will be managing matters with your supplier, ensuring that your account is running smoothly in the background.

If you have ever had a dispute with an energy supplier you will know how painful and time consuming it is, not to mention the cost.

You end up having lengthy stressful telephone conversations with your supplier, not knowing if you are going to get the best result for your business and your left feeling whether it was worth it.

EMW have significant experience dealing with disputes and can offer you expert assistance to benefit your business. All you have to do is hand over your case to us and then get back to focusing on your business.

No court action is necessary in the majority of cases; however we can support you from a legal viewpoint as expert witnesses, should it be required. We will add weight to any evidence that is needed in the case to assist in reaching a positive outcome. And we will do our best to take the worry out of the situation.

Our Approach

We will deal with all the problems regarding the case, no matter the complexity. We will provide an initial free consultation and positioning report where we will make clear explanation whether the case is worth pursuing or not. So there isn’t any risk involved by engaging us.

Our process is as follows:-

Step 1: You send the file to us, along with a brief description of the circumstances so far and copies of relevant documentation such as invoices and correspondence.

Step 2: EMW thoroughly review the detail, leaving no stone unturned.

Step 3: We request further information if we require it.

Step 4: We tell you if the dispute is worth pursuing and the reasons why.

Step 5: If it is, we provide you with our terms in writing.

Step 6: If you want to go ahead you sign the agreement and a letter of authority.

Step 7: We get going on the case.

Free initial audit – Share of Savings

Revenue Recovery is for businesses wishing to find savings in their utility contracts and to oversee their invoices to prevent future errors.

This involves detailed investigation of your utility accounts. The audit will help EMW to identify errors and potential refunds on your electricity and gas bills. It will show where these issues have occurred and the reasons why.  Furthermore, EMW will provide you with a report of recommended actions and help you in the implementation of alterations to your contract structure or tariff. Ultimately this will ensure that your accounts are correct whilst meeting your current and future business needs.

Our process is as follows:-

Step 1 – Analysis

Step 2 – Identification

Step 3 – Recovery of over payments

Step 4 – Action Recommendation

Step 5 – Implementations of Actions

Share of Savings

Our initial audit is free and our remuneration is gained through sharing a percentage of the savings that you make. This is only invoiced to you once you have received the benefits.

Summary Benefits of our Revenue Recovery service

star.png     You can obtain substantial refunds from the supplier.
star.png   EMW will help you to implement measures to achieve annual savings
star.png   The initial service is free of charge meaning no risk is involved. You will only be invoiced once you have received the benefit through our share of savings process.

EMW’s invoice validation service ensures that your energy bills are processed and validated as efficiently as possible, reducing your need to allocate administrative resource and saving you time.

Unfortunately utility invoices can be incorrect, quite often, 35% of them in fact. This is due to various factors such as estimated billing, application of tariff and meter faults. Once an error occurs it can cause a snowball effect onto other invoices lengthening the time to get the account back on track. During which you may have to withhold funds (debt) until you can be sure that you are paying for correct charges. This can cause an unnecessary burden on your financial colleagues and make it difficult to process the payments accordingly.

At EMW we audit and validate your invoices through advanced software in order to make sure they match with the supply contract, terms and actual consumption. Ticking off each individual segment once analysis is complete and no errors are found.

Where errors are identified we will ensure a swift resolution so that you can be assured you are only paying for the energy you have consumed.

The checks we make also ensure that:

star.png     The rates on the invoice match that of your contract.
star.png   That estimated readings are not used and instead you are charged against actual usage.
star.png   That Climate Change Levy (CCL) and VAT have been applied accordingly.




 We also provide synopsis reports for management including processed bills, identified anomalies and recovered costs.

Overall, this eliminates the risk of being overcharged, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Debt to a supplier can result through no fault of your own due to circumstances such as being incorrectly charged or a meter fault. Our invoice validation service will eliminate this risk, and if matters have escalated we can also expertly assist through our dispute resolution service.

On the other side business is tough at the moment and you could be one of many that are struggling to meet their overheads. It can be a stressful time. If this is the case we can arrange manageable debt and repayment plans with a majority of suppliers on your behalf. On occasions we have also been able to write the debt off.

We are an Energy broker that doesn’t like to act like one. We do not have a telesales team, we do not conduct verbal sales and you will not see any ‘call us for a quote’ statements on our website. However we do ask you to return your letter of authority on company headed paper.

We deliver a 2017 service. We are a practical, down-to-earth and honest company. It shows, we were recently recognised for our outstanding focus on our customers through winning the 2014 Energy Consultancy of the Year award for London & South East. We take your energy position seriously.

This pushes us to raise the bar even further for our clients. We don’t want to be the biggest energy consultancy around. We just want businesses to take great benefit from the services that we provide and treat you as a customer not a number.

It is this customer service ethos that enables us to be very proud of our client retention rate. We enjoy working with our clients and we feel that it is reciprocated.

We will of course provide you with a full account management service with a dedicated account manager who has fluid contact with our senior management team.

As part of our account management service we conduct annual reviews on a face-to-face basis. This is because in the energy industry a lot can happen one year to the next. We also feel this is the best way to improve our service and for you to let us know how we are doing.

We hope to work with you over many years.

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