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Acting as an Aggregator for New and Smaller Energy Brokers

You do a very good job for your clients in sourcing the best prices for them, however, you may be lacking in other services that will enable you to help them further. This could put you in, perhaps, an uncompetitive position with risk that you will lose them to those that can.

Alternatively, you may wish to outsource service to EMW so you can concentrate on adding new clients and building your business.

EMW will provide you with the opportunity to deliver new award winning services to your client base without having to retain all the cost or infrastructure.

The energy industry has changed significantly since the start of the decade under EU Directive. The extended range of services offered by suppliers, the rise of energy reduction technology, the new renewables sector and areas of Government and EU legislative compliance gives clients a whole new path of critical choice, risk, challenge and opportunity – Key checks and decisions will need to be made around the strategic method of their energy usage, their current and future position regarding possible alignment to mandatory compliance or voluntary but beneficial practice.

Our relationship enables you to offer our award winning services in this area to your clients. From Invoice Validation, Dispute Resolution, Administration through to Energy Management, Risk Management, Carbon Management and Green Energy.

This can generate significant trust and loyalty to your business.

By working with EMW, you will gain:

star.png     Updates and reporting of your referred clients
star.png   An opportunity to learn about these services for possible implementation into your own business
star.png   Award Winning Service and Integrity
star.png   White-Labelled Options.






We believe that we are the only aggregator to make remuneration payments immediately when we receive it from the supplier. We do not believe in holding onto it for a period of time, it’s yours, so we will release it straight away to you.  Greatly helping with your cash flow.  Please contact us to found out more about this option and further options. 


Joint Venture

UK Businesses now rank energy as posing a greater risk to them than Health & Safety, Credit and Security.

You could be an association or business services provider, for example, searching for an additional customer led service solution to add to your portfolio. You may be aware that UK SME’s and large business are under pressure around energy matters due to EU Directive and Global Carbon Targets. Some might not even know that they need to take action. And you want a trusted partner to help deliver services to your clients through an expert and award winning standard. Ensuring that your clients needs are met to a high and focused standard.

Together we can help make a difference and support our peers through these challenges.

By creating a white labelled Joint Venture, or similar arrangement, we will enable positive expansion for your business in revenue, brand image and services, alongside customer satisfaction enhancement. It will enable you to penetrate a new industry/service channel with minimal staff hours and without the need to retain all of the cost or infrastructure.

Proactive companies understand the need to extend their range of services to clients. In the case of accountants, for example, simply offering tax advice and compliance is not enough nowadays. Clients are more sophisticated and are seeking companies with an increasing range of services.

Strategic Partners

In order to help us deliver complex services to our clients we have developed important relationships with leading firms in the UK.  These firms have been carefully selected and are experts in their fields. We come together in order to deliver solutions and complete large projects to the highest professional standards for our clients. The energy industry has changed significantly over the last few years and there are a lot of environmental challenges for businesses. Our partners in these areas are invaluable in helping us to execute the project to the full requirements of the client, and within the highest possible standards end to end.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of EMW, please fill out the form below:-

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EMW undertake a vetting process to ensure you meet our own accreditation standard. This includes financial and historical checks. We may request further information and a meeting in person. In addition to our internal processing procedures, this is to ensure that we eliminate any potential for rogue agents to use EMW for fraudulent purposes and for the protection of clients.