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Outside of specialist energy procurement - Saving Energy is one of the simplest ways of increasing profit.

The Carbon Trust have found that a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% sales increase in many SME’s.

In retail businesses, for example, energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover however reducing them can directly increase margins without the need to increase sales. In other business, such as manufacturing energy costs may be a significant percentage of turnover.

In addition to economic benefits, there are social and environmental advantages to reducing energy consumption. Customers are increasingly aware of these issues and many are choosing businesses who are taking positive steps for the environment.

So let’s factor this potential 20% reduction in and consider this simple overview for a business with a 10% net margin. This should highlight the bottom line impact EMW can bring to your business.


Sales   £1,200,000
Less materials, Labour & Expenses (Direct Costs)   £700,000
Less depreciation, administration etc. (Indirect Costs)   £150,000
Less Overheads        £250,000
Profit (10% NM)   £100,000
If EMW can help reduce your energy costs by at least 20%:-
Sales   £1,200,000
Less materials, Labour & Expenses (Direct Costs)   £700,000
Less depreciation, administration etc. (Indirect Costs)   £150,000
Less Overheads   £190,000
Profit (10% NM)   £160,000


     This is an additional profit of £60,000. Alternatively at 10% net margin you can always increase turnover from 1.2m to 1.8m!    


To assist in the visibility of this we have created a simple interactive smart meter and energy management calculator. This shows you through just one part of our potential overall strategy where hidden and more obvious economic benefits are generated. We have chosen this as it is included as an option within our strategies for all business sizes and types (Passive, Short-Term Maxi Profit & Long-Term Maxi Profit).

Non-Energy profit increase through EMW can be provided by the Workshop Group.

The Workshop Group encompasses all aspect of the financial marketplace and more. It is a team of dynamic professionals who deliver expert advice to provide first class solutions. There are 11 other companies within the group that provide support and guidance to a broad range of companies and individuals. Solutions are provided from Accounting, Legal, IT through to vehicle leasing.

Included with the group is The Business Lounge who co-ordinates and organises informal beneficial events for our clients – bringing you together in first class locations.

BITA Workshop is a non-profit making organisation formed by a group of successful Irish Business people working in the UK to help both the Irish and UK companies realize business opportunities to help in the recovery of both economies. BITA whilst focusing on trade between these nations it also seeks to promote collaboration between companies to facilitate successful trading with the rest of the world.

By working with EMW you can also open yourself up to the multitude of positive opportunity within The Workshop Group.