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We are an energy broker that doesn't like to act like one. We do not have a telesales team, we do not conduct verbal sales and you will not see any ‘call us for a quote’ statements on our website. However we do ask you to return your letter of authority on company headed paper and we never sit on the fence when you need advice.

We deliver a decisive 2019 service. We are a practical, down-to-earth and honest company. We do not pay lip service to excellent client support - we take your energy position seriously.

As an independent consultancy, we use our high level energy supplier relationships to provide bespoke services, solutions and products which may not be available to the market place directly.

There are many different facets of the energy industry that can become a significant burden on every day business, and an even more significant risk if left unattended. As ‘Best in Class’ we are positioned to assist, advise and deliver the right solutions for various business sizes, complimenting all energy needs in an honest, friendly and transparent manner.

  Client Standard of Conduct

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service.  In fact it is embedded in our core values and personality. We are proud that we are able to work to a high standard within all of our commercial functions and we recognise that our clients require quality and substance in these matters. Good long term relationships are what we are interested in and we want to be the first people businesses think of for contact when any form of energy help is required. This is why we have implemented an internal Client Standard of Conduct process so you can reference our work when we have our annual performance review meeting.


Through Teaming up, we will:

     star.png       Listen and Question. To thoroughly understand you and your business objectives
  star.png   Provide dedicated beneficial support to you and/or your team
  star.png   Build our approach to ensure your on-going satisfaction and increased success
  star.png   Provide expert advice and judgement that you can trust
  star.png   Eliminate Jargon and provide you with clear, straightforward explanations
  star.png   Provide information and undertake activity relevant to you, making everything else redundant
  star.png   Be there whenever you need help. Taking personal responsibility when you need us most

We will commit to:

  star.png   Delivery of our promises
  star.png   Keeping you informed
  star.png   Providing you with consistent high standards of service
  star.png   Demonstrating innovation and improvement