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ESOS or Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is an energy assessment scheme as part of the EU Energy Efficiency directive. It is mandatory for organisations that meet the criteria. For those that do, an ESOS assessment needs to be carried out every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures.

Organisations must then notify the Environment Agency by a set deadline that they have complied with their ESOS obligations.

Those organisations that qualify will fall under one of these parameters:-

    1. Employs at least 250 persons or
    2. Employs fewer than 250 persons but have an annual turnover in excess of 50 million Euro (37 million pound sterling) and an annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million Euro (32 million pound sterling).
    3. Where a corporate group includes at least one organisation that’s subject to ESOS, then all the UK organisations within the group must comply, regardless of their size.

Organisations subject to the public contracts regulations (2006) are exempt, although some trusts, public companies and not-for-profit bodies may be included.

However, there are other ways to achieve compliance. If we make sure that your business covers 90% of your energy consumption, you can use a mix of approaches via ISO50001, DEC’s and/or GDA’s.

Our range of ESOS services cover:

star.png     Qualified Lead Assessors
star.png   ESOS Audits
star.png   Strategy Development
star.png   Monitoring and Targeting
star.png   Metering


Audit Requirements

star.png     ESOS Audits, Green Deal Assessments and DEC’s must be performed by individuals registered in line with standards such as BS EN 16247-1
star.png   ESOS Assessments need to be reviewed by a Lead Auditor to verify compliance.
star.png   The assessment needs to be signed off by a director or board member.
star.png   Auditor must be listed on an approved register of consultants and qualified to PAS 51215:2014
star.png   ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) certification must be fully certified by a UKAS accredited body. It needs to be verified as covering 90% of your total energy use to comply.

What help you may need from EMW:

star.png     Initial analysis for identification of potential requirements and to determine whether any work has already been undertaken that may contribute to compliance.
star.png   Providing a EMW accredited and registry approved lead assessor to perform, monitor or review the energy audits and the overall ESOS assessment.
star.png   To develop a cost and benefit strategy including pay back periods and suitability of any other potential energy-saving opportunities.
star.png   Providing and updating an evidence pack to support the audits. Primarily in their findings and recommendations.
star.png   Notification to the scheme administrator once a director or board member has signed off a completed ESOS assessment.