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Doing business with other business

We go even further than high level energy matters and help our clients within other critical business functions, whether in solution or new business, forming true long term business relationships in the UK & Ireland. We are even prouder that the majority of the business we do is by referral, and it goes both ways. We are pleased that we do not have a telesales team nor conduct verbal contracts – (in the energy industry you must doubt those that do). And we are thankful that we get to unwind and relax with our clients within the huge range of friendly events that take place here, Ireland and in Europe with a diverse range of significant companies. This is how we feel business should be; we support each other and graft for our clients, so let’s see what we can do together and perhaps have some relaxation along the way.


The Workshop Group encompasses all aspect of the financial marketplace and more. It is a team of dynamic professionals who deliver expert advice to provide first class solutions. There are 11 other companies within the group that provide support and guidance to a broad range of companies and individuals. Solutions are provided from Accounting, Legal, IT through to vehicle leasing. These companies are listed below.

Included with the group is The Business Lounge who co-ordinates and organises informal beneficial events for our clients – bringing you together in first class locations.

BITA Workshop is a non-profit making organisation formed by a group of successful Irish Business people working in the UK to help both the Irish and UK companies realize business opportunities to help in the recovery of both economies. BITA whilst focusing on trade between these nations it also seeks to promote collaboration between companies to facilitate successful trading with the rest of the world.

By working with EMW you can also open yourself up to the multitude of positive opportunity within The Workshop Group.